Low-code Platform
for Communication Automation

  • You can create bots of any complexity.
  • Suitable for small, medium, and large businesses.
  • Integrates with EPR and other corporate systems.
  • Possible to host bots on the Metabot cloud, as well as install the platform on your server.


The digital communication and integration platform Metabot is designed for designing and developing dialog interfaces, developing conversational bots, and managing multichannel communications in messengers, on social networks, and in chats on websites.

Areas of Application:

  • Development of B2C/B2B products based on message exchange
  • End-to-end buyer journey automation
  • Digitization of retail customers, creating touchpoints
  • Development of dialogue interfaces for cloud and local systems
  • Implementing a connectedness strategy
  • Comprehensive solution to various business tasks:
    • Messenger marketing
    • Automation of support services
    • Increasing operational efficiency


  • Dialog scenario builder
  • Integration with ChatGPT for open-ended conversations
  • Integration with Google Dialogflow for language recognition
  • Database and table constructor with custom fields
  • Built-in JavaScript programming language
  • API integration builder
  • Triggers and scheduler
  • User and user data storage
  • Direct integrations with Telegram, Viber, VK, Facebook Messenger
  • A highly customized live chat widget with a digital character
  • Plugin and extension system (JS and PHP modules)

The Metabot platform is a constructor of dialog products and applications based on messengers.

The platform is provided both as an On-Premise solution for placement in the customer’s network contour and is available as an online service by subscription.

Integrations with popular online consultants and CRM (Jivo, Umnico, Bitrix24, Livetex, Webim).

Solve the Following Problems

Smart Support: Bot and Human Operators (Help Desk)

Automating communications to support your customers across any messaging channels.

  • Knowledge bases with natural language recognition
  • Integrations with your systems
  • Seamless transition of the dialogue from bot to human and back

Sales auto funnels and dialogue tunnels (Funnels)

Construction and management of automated and long-term communication funnels..

Customer Journey Control at all stages

Your business will become closer to customers, being present at all stages of the customer’s journey.

Improvement and automation of internal organizational communications (Business Logic)

Simplification and automation of internal processes, such as task distribution, voting, routing sheets, onboarding, and others.

An alternative to a mobile application

  • Creating a bot on the platform is much easier than developing a mobile application.
  • No need to download and install the bot, it works in the messenger already installed by the client.
  • The bot can be used as a tool for initial contact with the customer and transfer him to the mobile application, or completely replace the mobile application.
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