Dialog Journey for Path Analytics

The Metabot platform is a communication automation platform. The Dialog Journey (DJ) plugin for the Metabot platform allows you to integrate into your chatbot, developed on Metabot or any other bot platform that supports API webhook calls and receptions, the ability to design, track, and visualize customer journeys, also known as customer paths.

Using the plugin and the Metabot platform, you can create dialogue strategies and customer journeys that will help your customers gain value, and your company achieve its goals, collect analytics about customers’ progress through dialogues in the chatbot, track and visualize their path maps.

The plugin will allow you to organize the development of your chatbot in such a way that all disparate dialogues are combined into a single communication strategy of the company, represented in the form of journeys (journeys), broken down into phases (phases) with goals (goals), provided benefits (values), and measurable indicators (metrics). See below for a more detailed description of the plugin’s concept and design, as well as the proposed marketing strategy methodology.