Where to Start

Metabot offers a much more flexible and functional solution than most chatbot builders available on the market today, both in Russian and English segments of the Internet.

In software development, there are many interfaces for interacting with computer systems: web interface, mobile app interface, virtual reality interface, and others. For more detailed information about the evolution of user interfaces, see here.

In the context of the Metabot platform, a chatbot is understood as a conversational interface (Conversational UI) for people to interact with a company’s systems and processes through dialogue (conversation).

The core functionality of the platform is usually hidden from the end user but is vital for software development:

  • Database (table constructor).
  • API integration (API builder).
  • JavaScript programming language.
  • A trigger system for scheduling delayed messages.
  • Plugins for platform extensibility.
  • Metabot Web IDE development environment available in a web browser.

Thus, the Metabot platform is a tool for full-fledged software development and its integration into enterprise systems and processes.

Since this software is intended to solve specific tasks, namely communication tasks, we have decided to call the class of software created with Metabot, communication applications (communicational apps) or dialog applications (conversational apps or dialog apps)

Communicational applications run on the Metabot server and are available to users in popular messengers, social networks, as well as in a chat window on a website.

Sometimes for the sake of simplicity, we call dialog applications chatbots, but it’s worth noting that the general public usually interprets a chatbot either as a tool for automating FAQ support requests or as a set of content auto-funnels for marketing automation.

A communication application allows you to automate not only support or marketing tasks but also comprehensively solve almost any communication task at any point of the user journey, both outside and inside the enterprise.

In a strategic sense, a communicational (dialog) application is designed to create a connected conversational experience with dynamic and interactive dialogs between people and a brand or company.

The purpose of the Metabot platform is to provide companies and developers with the best tool and support to achieve the following goals:

  • Comprehensive communication automation.
  • Deep integration of modern dialog channels into enterprise business processes (Deep Messaging Integration).
  • Implementation of connected dialog strategies and customer experience (CCX).

Who Metabot is intended for:

  • For brands and enterprises that can utilize the platform, ready-made solutions, a collection of plugins, and the assistance of professionals from the community for their purposes.
  • For digital agencies and service companies serving brands and corporations, which can find new ideas, proven strategies and solutions, reliable partners and contractors for themselves and their clients here.
  • For developers and digital communication specialists, a more flexible and functional tool than you’ve used before for solving the most complex and unique tasks for clients of any size, as well as a reliable partner in the face of the Metabot team, new ways of finding clients and monetizing their activity.

We recommend brands and partner agencies to start their acquaintance with Metabot by studying products, ready-made solutions, and plugins. Then, you can turn to specialists and order a pilot project to solve your problem or request a free strategic session.

We recommend specialists to create a free account for working with the platform and to study the documentation, where you will find a description of the platform interface, step-by-step tutorials, get acquainted with the platform architecture, and find ready-made examples.