Chatbot for OTRS

A multifunctional corporate assistant, integrated with OTRS, an open-source ticket system. This is a joint project with our partner, Radiant Systems, which specializes in OTRS implementation.

Chatbot Functionality:

  • Can be integrated into any messenger: Telegram, Viber, VK, WhatsApp, and others.
  • Connects to OTRS using the RS4OTRS Metabot Integration plugin from Radiant Systems.
  • Operates 24/7 without days off or breaks and instantly responds to queries.
  • Capable of answering questions asked in free form.
  • Includes a menu for quick navigation to popular requests.
  • Allows the creation of role menus with different content (links, instructions, documents, surveys, etc.).
  • Surveys the user, collecting necessary information before placing a ticket in OTRS.
  • Notifies about changes in ticket status, as well as capable of updating tickets.
  • Seamlessly transitions the conversation to contact center personnel and back, if necessary, after collecting the data about the request.
  • Capable of sending mass notifications and conducting surveys.
  • Includes a JavaScript API request builder for system integration.

What problems it solves:

  • Automates the collection of information before publishing a new ticket.
  • Automates responses to routine frequently asked questions.
  • Provides convenient tracking and updating of tickets via a mobile device.
  • Ensures 24/7 support availability.
  • Responds to requests faster.
  • Frees up support staff for more creative and complex tasks.
  • Automates the introduction of a new employee or customer to the organization, its products, or services.
  • Provides employees with a more convenient and faster access to search corporate information (Wi-Fi password, documents, regulations, etc.).
  • Provides a mechanism for mass or group notification, feedback collection from employees.

Who it’s suitable for:

  • You are already using OTRS and would like to increase the number of communication channels and reduce the load on the support department.
  • You are in search of a help-desk system or have already decided to implement OTRS.
  • You would like to provide employees with a more convenient and quick access to information.
  • Your company doesn’t have a mobile pocket assistant for employees.
  • IT departments.
  • HR departments.

What you’ll get:

  • Automation of up to 70-90% of routine inquiries and corresponding unloading of staff.
  • Automation of the collection of all necessary information before ticket publication.
  • Increased employee loyalty and productivity due to faster self-service and information searching.
  • A tool for automating diagnostic dialogues before publishing a ticket.
  • A tool for automating unique team communication processes such as task approval, surveys, group notifications, etc.
  • A tool for programming integrations to automatically perform requests during a conversation (for example, password changes, system manipulations, RPA calls, etc.).

ROI timeframe:

  • Within 1-3 months after implementation, depending on the scope of the task and the volume of monthly communications.

Typical project duration:

  • From 1 to 3 months.

Companies using the solution:

Try the demo:

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