Marketing Automation

A chatbot with an automated sales funnel is a modern marketing tool that increases conversion into a target action. The chatbot communicates value, guides traffic to its goal, reminds, and collects feedback.

The chatbot has the following functionality:

  • Engaging content funnel that communicates value
  • A questionnaire (quiz) in an unobtrusive form for collecting information
  • Audience segmentation based on the results of the questionnaire
  • Additional branches for each segment as needed
  • Automatic reminders necessary to guide the audience to the goal
  • Feedback collection
  • Data storage with contacts and answers
  • Automatic addition of a contact to CRM or CDP, if necessary
  • A visual scheme of all communications in Miro for team collaboration
  • Daily statistics and analytics

What problem it solves:

  • Automates the introduction to the brand and its products
  • Automates surveying, qualifying (MQL), and segmenting
  • Quickly creates questionnaires, surveys, quizzes
  • Improves marketing metrics (for example, webinar revenue, number of registrations, etc.)
  • Provides a more effective and manageable way of interacting with the audience
  • More effectively processes advertising traffic
  • Begins a dialogue from the very early stages of the purchasing decision
  • Quickly and economically collects feedback about the audience and adapts
  • Provides more qualitative analytics and insight about the audience

Who it is suitable for:

  • Your target audience is active on messengers
  • You spend monthly on social network targeting and want to improve the results
  • You need to effectively communicate value to the audience and promote a service or product
  • You need to test many hypotheses and find a working approach
  • You need to build interactive engaging stories stretched over time
  • Your marketing strategy requires a personal mobile personal account in a messenger, user authorization, and registration
  • You need to create marketing funnels, but other tools do not provide the required level of integration and development flexibility
  • You know how to build funnels, but you need the help of professional developers and integrators

What you will get:

  • Improved business performance indicators
  • A messenger marketing strategy developed specifically for your company
  • Quality messenger communication with the character and tone of your brand’s voice by professional copywriters
  • An optimized and scalable marketing and traffic conversion system
  • A database for collecting and storing contacts and conversation history
  • Accessible SLA for monthly support, development, adaptation of dialogue scenarios
  • Available installation of the platform and chatbot on your server

ROI Timeframe:

  • Usually right after launch, a bit longer if many hypotheses need to be optimized and checked
  • On average, 1-3 months after implementation, depending on the scale of the task, the volume of traffic, etc.

Typical project duration:

  • From 1 to 3 months

Implementation examples