Comprehensive automation for a large manufacturing brand


A large manufacturer (we can’t disclose the name and details due to an NDA) approached Metabot with a whole set of tasks:

  1. Attracting specialists to training events and encouraging them to get certified up to receiving a certificate.
  2. Distributing specialists according to level, experience, geography, and other parameters to provide suitable orders and other offers.
  3. Assisting specialists in finding orders and issuing bonuses, and customers in finding specialists.
  4. Providing information support to specialists on registration in the personal cabinet, training, testing, receiving cashback, guarantees, and orders.
  5. Providing information support to customers on registration in the personal cabinet, finding specialists, and working with them.


In the course of the joint project, the Metabot and Townsend teams successfully completed a complex project.
After connecting the chatbot during the three-month pilot work period:

  • The reach for webinars was 30%, and the conversion to a certified specialist increased to 13%. Before the bot was used, these indicators were six times lower.
  • The cost of a subscriber was 32 rubles, and that of a certified specialist was 644 rubles.
  • Phone numbers were collected from 90 specialists in 1.5 months, which met certain conditions. The numbers were passed to the department that handled large customer sales.
  • 105 customers were matched with masters through the automated system for receiving and distributing applications in the chatbot.
  • Call center employees were unloaded, while users received answers to their questions faster, and the distributor’s departments received the necessary information about specialists and customers even under peak loads of 100-120 requests per day for two operators.

Partners, employees, and customers received a convenient communication service right in the messenger, without the need to download an additional application. The bot personally notified users about the process of current works, helped control and form the personal load of each user, served as an information assistant and the connecting link of almost all or, one can say, one of the main corporate business chains of the distributor.
The company was pleased with the successful pilot to transform traditional episodic interactions with customers into a connected dialogue experience, characterized by continuous, personalized interaction with low friction.

The company has planned deep integrations of Metabot into the company’s processes and systems for the new year.


For a detailed description of the case, read Ulyana Zherinova’s blog on VC, the founder of the messenger marketing agency Townsend: