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In 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the university’s admissions committee completely switched to remote work. For the first time in history, the admission of entrance documents and entrance exams took place remotely.

The university was tasked with implementing a new communication channel with applicants and students through a chat window on the web portal and automating routine requests with conversational artificial intelligence.

Results of chatbot implementation

The chatbot was launched together with the 2020 admissions office, which greatly increased the audience of information: a completely new channel for the university to interact with applicants, parents, and students was introduced.

The Metabot team was able to automate the provision of answers to frequently asked questions without wasting time. Together with the NCFU team, we have compiled a knowledge base and, as you can see on the graph, the chatbot successfully processes 70-90% of requests. At peak times, the chatbot processed 300-400 dialogs per day.

Part of the quiz scheme

During the next admissions campaign in 2021, the chatbot was updated and filled with additional reference information to improve the automatic service. Thus, the contact center operators received a useful virtual assistant and a modern communication channel.

You can contact the NCFU chatbot right now by visiting the university’s web portal and clicking on the chat window in the lower right corner of the screen:


The chatbot used a standard chatbot support configuration: a self-service menu and NLP recognition.

Every button in the chatbot’s architecture, written on the Metabot platform, can be called through natural language recognition if the user asks a question in free form. In total, the chatbot has more than 120 intentions, based on real user requests.

For natural language processing (Natural Language Processing \ NLP), the Google Dialogflow platform was used, which has ready integration on the Metabot platform.

If the user did not receive an automatic answer from the chatbot, a transfer to the operator is provided. Before transferring the dialog to the operator, contact details are collected: name, phone number, and email. The Jivo service was used as a chat widget and operator workstation, with which the Metabot platform has ready integration.

More detailed information about the functionality can be found in the document: Overview of the NCFU chatbot.

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