Online Store in Messengers

A ready-made solution integrated with popular messengers for automating the full sales cycle of conversational commerce in popular messengers.

The package includes:

  • A bot-seller in the messenger
  • A website with a product showcase

Website Features:

  1. Beautiful and convenient showcase for any assortment of goods
  2. Product categories with three levels of nesting
  3. 1 free themeа
  4. The showcase is optimized for mobile devices, tablets, computers
  5. An administrative panel for managing goods
  6. Multiple photos, colorful GIF animations, and MP4 videos can be added to each product
  7. Each product has its unique web page and link that can be shared with customers on social media, inserted into ads, sent by mail
  8. The site has a shopping cart
  9. There is an order processing mechanism indicating order details, delivery methods, and payment methods
  10. Robokassa payment integration is available for free

Bot Features:

  • Greets the customer who came to your store via messenger
  • Works in any channels: WhatsApp, Telegram, VK, Viber, Avito, and others
  • Will send a link to the product showcase at the client’s request in the messenger
  • Accepts orders
  • Will remind of the payment and send a link to the payment in the messenger after 15 minutes, 1 hour, and 10 hours (adjustable)
  • Reminds of the abandoned cart
  • Will notify you and your team about new orders
  • The bot understands natural language and can answer frequently asked questions
  • Works 24/7, even when you sleep!

Features of Payment Integration:

  • Ready-made Robokassa integration
  • We can integrate any payment system