Ice Day


The management of the Ice Day Hockey Figure Skating School set the task to systematize and automate the process of distributing applications for training among the coaching staff.

It was required to create a simple-to-use and reliable algorithm for distributing applications among employees, in order to distribute work to everyone in turn, depending on workload and willingness.

Results of chatbot implementation

Registration of active coaches is conducted entirely through the Metabot platform. However, administrators have gained the ability to create new applications both through the Metabot platform’s ticket system and through a chatbot in Telegram.

New applications, depending on their type – hockey or figure skating training – were distributed to two queues of coaches with a programmed response time to the request (5-10 minutes). Thus, work at the Ice Arenas was distributed evenly and fairly by the parameter of activity.


The chatbot used a standard work distribution configuration: a self-service menu with application formation. The bot has 3 stages (scenarios) of work:

  1. User application processing.
  2. Launch of the application by the administrator in the coach queue.
  3. Distribution of applications among coaches. The basis for the queues were the types of applications left: for hockey and for figure skating.

Registered coaches (for hockey or figure skating) receive the application in turn. Each of them has 5 minutes to ponder, after which the application automatically goes to the next coach in the queue. If the coach accepts the application, they receive the client’s number. If he refuses, the application goes to the next in line.

The bot works fully autonomously, without an operator and call center, only in Telegram. Notifications of new applications to administrators come by mail or directly to the chatbot.

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