Why do you need plugins?

Plugins are extensions of the Metabot platform in JavaScript or PHP.

Plugins allow you to implement business logic, manipulate platform objects, work with chatbot data, and access external APIs.

You can place code in your plugin that is referenced in the chatbot’s dialog scenarios (scripts).

Plugins are building components that can be written once and reused in all your projects.

You can also publish your free or paid plugin in the Metabot catalog for others to use.

Read more about plugins in the documentation.

How to install a plugin

Request a plugin by clicking the button on the plugin page.

You will be sent instructions for connection after leaving a request. If it is a paid plugin, you will need to make a payment first.

Follow the instructions of the plugin developer.

How to create a plugin?

Study the documentation, follow the examples, or request additional examples and help in support.

How to add your plugin to the directory?

To add your plugin to the directory, contact us. You will need to pass moderation and a code audit. We will help you properly prepare the plugin and publish it.

Terms of Collaboration

  1. For each sale, the Metabot platform receives a 30% commission. The remaining 70% is credited to the plugin authors according to agreements.
  2. Payment is made to the authors’ balance once a month. Money can be withdrawn when reaching a minimum balance of 100 USD.
  3. If the plugin is free and is an integration with a third-party service or product in which payment is provided, conversely, you pay a commission for the attracted client.
  4. The plugin author has the right to provide discounts and rewards to his resellers and implementation partners at his discretion, using his part of the reward (70%).
  5. The platform has the right to conduct marketing campaigns during which to provide discounts and special offers using its part of the reward (30%).
  6. Joint promotions and discounts are discussed and planned separately.

Contact us to discuss your plugin, conclude an agreement, and provide details for paying the authors of your plugin.