Metabot’s methodologies for developing chatbots with deep business integrations

Connected Conversational Experience (CCX) and Deep Messaging Integration (DMI) are two proprietary methodologies created by Metabot, used to enhance customer interaction and integrate chatbots with a company’s business processes. Both are built on the tools of Customer Journey and Service Blueprint, but they have different emphases and directions.

Connected Conversational Experience (CCX) focuses on creating a continuous and connected dialogue between customers and the brand. This is achieved by developing personalized chatbots that can provide information, recommendations, and help solve problems, based on each customer’s communication history and preferences. CCX allows brands to establish a direct communication channel with customers, improving engagement and retention.

Deep Messaging Integration (DMI), on the other hand, focuses on deeply integrating chatbots with the company’s business processes and systems. This includes integration with CRM systems, databases, analytics systems, and other tools that can improve customer service and automate routine tasks. DMI allows chatbots to handle customer requests more effectively and provide up-to-date information using data from various sources.

In general, the difference between CCX and DMI is that CCX focuses on improving communication and interaction with customers, while DMI focuses on deeply integrating chatbots with the company’s business processes to automate tasks and provide up-to-date information. Both methodologies complement each other and can be used together to achieve the best results.

For more details about the development process, please see this publication.