Documentation Update: A Tour of the Platform & Contact Center of Tomorrow

Hello, bot enthusiasts!

Our documentation continues to grow with new content. Today, we are thrilled to share with you an elaborate documentation titled “A Tour of the Platform: Metabot Architecture”. This comprehensive guide will navigate you through the intricacies of the Metabot platform and familiarize you with the fundamentals of bot creation. Having read through this document, you will acquire a robust theoretical base to kickstart your journey. This is the foremost guide we suggest when embarking on development within Metabot – a journey that guides you from structuring dialogues to developing brand personalities.

We’re also pleased to introduce an informative article “Contact Center of Tomorrow”. We owe our deepest appreciation to Josh March, the author of “Message Me” and founder of the Conversocial platform (now a part of Verint). His innovative ideas, conceptualizations, and inspiration have not only been crucial in the formation of this document but also had a profound influence on Metabot’s development. In this article, we shed light on what the future holds for contact centers and the essential qualities their employees will need.

For those who are at the threshold of the vast world of development, we’ve published a series of educational articles: “What is an API”, “What is REST”, and “Why a Chatbot Needs a RESTful Interface”. These materials will equip you with the fundamentals, helping you to catch up swiftly and start crafting your first bots.

Wishing you a successful journey in bot development and a rewarding experience in bringing your bots to life!